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Traditional Espresso Machines are our speciality and we are proud to be appointed distributors for Iberital, the premier Spanish manufacturer of coffee making equipment. Our extensive range of styles and capacities ensure that we can tailor a package perfectly for your business. All machines have a full 12-month parts and labour warranty and prices include installation, commissioning and staff training.

Coffee Grinders are essential for serving the freshest possible ground coffee and ensuring a consistent extraction for every cup. Our range of professional coffee bean grinders is available in a choice of capacity and colour. Installation of your new coffee grinder includes it being calibrated in conjunction with your espresso machine to produce the best possible extraction from the bean. 

Pour and Serve filter coffee machines are the work horses of the coffee trade and a good quality machine will give you years of trouble free coffee making. We are proud to be appointed distributors for Bravilor, a name synonymous with quality in the catering trade, and we can guide you through their extensive range of machines to find the right one for your business.

Hot Water Boilers are an important part of any catering establishment and the Bravilor range of hot water boilers provide quality at an affordable price. It should always be remembered that the hot water provided by an espresso machine is only designed for topping up coffee. Drawing large amounts of hot water from your espresso machine for tea or cooking with will reduce the lifespan the equipment and increase the amount of problems that you have with it.



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